Lost and bound. Reconstruction techniques in fragmentary manuscripts of the Jewish and Christian traditions

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The volume Lost and Bound: Reconstruction Techniques in Fragmentary Manuscripts of the Jewish and Christian Traditions is intended to serve as a practical manual of how to navigate and work with unexplored or under-explored handwritten sources composed in Semitic and non-Semitic languages from the Jewish and Christian traditions. It should be a useful tool not only for scholars interested in textual criticism, but also for students willing to conduct research in the field. With the help of detailed descriptions, analyses and discussions of some of the most interesting, carefully selected, excerpts of Jewish and Christian texts preserved in manuscript form, readers will learn strategies and state-of-the-art methods for overcoming the problems they may face when working with ancient and medieval texts written in Coptic, Greek, Hebrew, Judeo- and Christian Arabic, and Christian Aramaic.

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